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Successfully Breeding Discus Fish Will Change Your Life

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The Discus Nursery will take care of the needs of discus eggs and newly hatched discus fry away from their parents. This includes their nutritional needs and their water condition needs. Also, the nursery operates the feeding and water conditioning functions automatically without constant attention from you - the breeder! The nursery will only require about 10 minutes of your attention a minimum of once every 8 hours rather than the almost constant attention required by other methods of artificially raising discus fry.

The critical feeding stage beginning immediately after the discus babies have consumed their yolk sacks (the period when the fry would normally/naturally begin feeding off the parents sides) is quite effectively substituted constantly by the nursery. The discus babies will have something fresh to pick on (just as they would have had from their parents) presented to them constantly. Also the nursery will provide a constantly refreshed (changed) and filtered tank of water for the discus fry with all of the same parameters (pH, temperature, hardness, nitrification, etc) of the parents tank. The instructions provided describe how to use the Discus Nursery. Also provided in the instructions is the baby discus food formula that is needed for use in the nursery.

The Discus Nursery works well as a hatchery for newly fertilized eggs too.

The Discus Nursery also works well for Angelfish and many other types of egglayers.


After you buy one of these nurseries you have permission from the inventor to make more of them for personal use only. The Patents Pending on the Discus Nursery and the Copyrights on the instructions make selling copies of the nursery or the instructions a crime (FELONY).


When you buy the discus nursery what you are paying for is the design. The cost of advertising this site on google also significantly increases the price of the Discus Nursery. - Sorry.


NO REFUNDS - BECAUSE - This nursery, once received, can be easily duplicated.


You may purchase easy to follow instructions with free immediate digital delivery (download) on how to build and use the Discus Nursery. You will need to purchase about $20 worth of materials to construct the nursery yourself. The baby discus food formula is included with the instructions.

$69.95 Includes Digital Delivery.

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Important Note: After you pay you must click to the service@discusnursery.com link on the "PayPal Thanks for Your Payment Page" in order for your instant download to start. If you don't receive your instant download for whatever reason Email Me service@discusnursery.com.

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You Will Be Charged $107.77 For The Assembled Nursery


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